Kyiv Friendly tours are a mix of engaging adventure and cultural experiences.



Kyiv Friendly Tours is a start-up from an energetic and easy-going Ukrainian lady, whose mission is to make people fall in love with Kyiv.

She offers custom tour programs for private groups as well as exclusive packages for small parties.

Her tours are a mix of engaging adventure and cultural experiences rather than a boring list of events, dates and names you’ll forget the next day.

Kyiv Friendly Tours are always fun, informative, and friendly!


We offer you a lot of interesting and exciting tours to suit all tastes.
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All inclusive Ex president’s residence tour

From the ostriches in private zoo, to the replica Spanish galleon, to the exquisite landscaping across the expansive 140 hectares of territory, you’ll see firsthand why Yanukovych was named as the world’s most corrupt politician in 2016

 3,5 — 4 hours
 From EUR 59

Old town city tour

This tour will take you to must-see destinations including the Golden Gate, St. Sophia’s Cathedral, St. Michael’s Cathedral, St. Andrew’s Descent, and Independence Square

 3 hours
 From EUR 15

Streetart Tour

10 best street art works that will make you smile, be surprised and inspired

 2 hours
 From EUR 15

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Tour

The Kyiv Pecherska Lavra church complex is a historic Orthodox Christian monastery situated atop the right bank of the mighty Dnipro River

 2 hours
 From EUR 25

Maydan Free Tour

During our walk through the central government district, you will learn more about the key events of the revolution, see pictures that I took myself and important places of that tragic days

 40 mins
 Free of charge

Pirohiv Open Air Park Tour

Discover local culture in folk architecture museum

 2,5 — 3 hours
 From EUR 19

Behind the scenes at The Opera

Explore the backstage life of the National Opera House

 1 hour
 From EUR 90

Museum of World War II Tour

The museum, one of the largest in Ukraine, houses one of the biggest collection of World War II relics in one place (it has 400,000+ exhibits!)

 2 hours
 From EUR 25

Inside the House of Chimeras

We reveal all secrets behind the most impressive House in Kiev

 2 hours
 From EUR 118

Ukrainian Cuisine Workshop Tour

You won’t soon forget the time you tried the most popular Ukrainian dishes in the best national restaurant in the city!

 2 hours
 From EUR 45

Kiev gastro tours: beer tasting

Taste 5 different local popular brands of local breweries

 1 hour
 From EUR 25

Kiev gastro tours: vareniki tasting

Our guide will take you to local’s favorite places to taste Ukrainian traditional cuisine

 2 hours
 From EUR 19

Kiev gastro tours: wine tasting

Our guide will take you to local’s favorite places to taste Ukrainian traditional cuisine

 2 hours
 From EUR 70

Tour to the Roshen chocolate factory

Favorite kids group tour to the biggest chocolate factory in Ukraine — ’ROSHEN’

 1,5 hours
 From EUR 118

100% Ukrainian Experience

Exclusive secret tour where your challenge starts with choosing from 3 envelops: culture, music or cuisine

 1,5 hours
 From EUR 44

Wellness SPA Tour

Make your life better and longer, improve your body, reduce risks to your health and take care of the quality of your future right now

 5-7 hours
 From EUR 49

Olimpic Stadium Tour

Visit this large sports arena which comprises a football pitch, athletic tracks and two-tier stands for spectators

 1 hour
 From EUR 15

Nightlife Tour

Like nowhere else on the planet, Kyivans love to dress up, often in the latest global fashion, and hit some of the city’s many lively, dynamic nightclubs and bars for some all-out fun and well-deserved relaxation

 3 hours
 From EUR 15

Chernobyl Tour

This once-in-a-lifetime tour will take you inside the exclusion zone, a 30-kilometer area surrounding Nuclear Reactor #4 where radiation levels are still high and will make the area unsafe for human life for another 20,000 years

 12 hours
 From EUR 114

Airport transfer

Airport rides made simple.
Standard car service

Standard car service

Pick up (driver meets up by the gate) — 20$

Drop of — 15$

Limousine car service

Limousine car service

Pick up (driver meets up by the gate) — 110$

Drop of — 100$


What makes us unique? We find the approach to each guest, so you can enjoy your trip to Kiev.

Our tours are well organized and enjoyable

You can always choose between individual and group tours

Don’t miss interesting places

We will show you the most interesting and secret places of the city

Make your trip special

We will pick up a tour of your needs, adding options as desired

Get a local friend

Svyatoslava is very friendly person, you will always be able to communicate after the tour

Airport pick up and drop off

If you arrive by plane, we will provide transportation to the place of beginning of the tour

Flexible tour itinerary

We are down to fit your schedule, so you can see more

Walking and driven tours

We offer both pedestrian and car tours for your convenience

You are welcome

We offer more than you expect

No hassle

No hidden costs, pay before the tour

Ukrainian Revolution tour

As a participant in the Ukrainian Revolution in 2013-2014 myself, I want to share the story of these events with you. I am offering a FREE TOUR to everybody who wants to come to Independence Square and hear what happened here two years ago. During our walk through the central government district, you will learn more about the key events of the revolution, see pictures that I took myself and important places of that tragic days.

Tour is free of charge

You do not need to pay anything - and we'll show you everything for free!

Flexible date and time

Contact us to find out about dates and times of tours

Prior booking is required

You need to pre-register for this tour


Just a few words from them.

Myself, my girlfriend and my mother than the exquisite pleasure of having Sviata take us on a Friendly Tour of Kiev to the Museum of Corruption aka former president Yanukovych’s house / presidential grounds. The trip is extensive, interesting and well planned. Sviata has great knowledge of the relevant history and is both a personal observer, and a neutral party at the same time. She took both questions but also served to ensure that what you saw also fit well with what you heard. I would certainly recommend anyone visiting Kiev to take a tour with Kiev Friendly tours.

Simon and Posse (Denmark)

Simon and Posse


We were Swedish delegation with 18 people spending a week in Kiev 15-19 FEB with a perfect end of the week, a tour with Slava. What a success! The combination of the lovely Kiev and her energy and passion for showing us the best of Kiev. Everyone fell in love with the beautiful city. We can deeply recommend Slava, her competence and passion for Kiev will give you the best way to experience Ukraine and Kiev. Thanks Slava and thanks Kiev for welcoming us, see you soon again.

Jan (Sweden)



First of all, she came just in time for appointment. It’s very important to me. Furthermore, she was very polite, well dressed, sophisticated and a good listener. The reason why she visited many countries, she was very experienced about being an intelligent company to introduce Kiev. She has also fluent english language skills. I strongly recommend all the people who wants to visit Kiev and looks for a well educated company. Thank you.

Sencer (Turkey)



Hello fellow travelers- If you are coming to the Ukraine and want to have some great fun visiting interesting places in the Ukraine, just take a minute and book a tour with Slava at Kyiv Friendly Tours. I can assure you that she will do her very best to make your journey to the Ukraine a pleasant one; just like she did for me! I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to have a wonderful time.

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Doug (USA)



We were looking for tour to Mezhyhirya with option to visit Honka, private residence of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. After checking numerous websites and calls contacted Kyiv friendly Tours. Slava, tour owner and a guide made an extra effort to accommodate our group on a short notice. She picked us up from our place, arrived on time in nice non- smoking car and drove us to Mezhyhirya. Tour took 4 hours. Because of Slava’s special access we were able to see inside of astonishing Honka house.Slava’s broad knowledge of history and recent events as well, her excellent English and genuine friendliness made this day very special.

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Mila (California, USA)


(California, USA)

We booked Kyiv Friendly Tours based on a recommendation — and we were not disappointed. We took two tours with Slava (owner/operator) — the Mezhyhirya and Lavra Tour. Both were wonderful experiences. Slava is a delightful tour guide, with lots of information and she is able to give you a level of comfort during your tour that you are seeing the important things, and knows how to navigate both the location and the system. Mezhyhirya is the private residence of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych — it is the epitome of opulence and decadence if not good taste and restraint. While we visited the compound, there were countless other visitors BUT our group was one of only 2 small groups that were allowed access inside the house and spa.

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WT (Canada)



I was fortunate enough to have two personalised tours over two days with Slava, owner and tour guide with KFT. She is the best tour guide I have ever had. She is knowledgeable, friendly, speaks perfect english, and went way beyond what I would have expected by helping me with a little problem i was having in Kyiv. We visited Mezhugirya and the «Honka» house of ex president Yanukovych on first day, and second day we visited the Kiev Fortress and the state aviation museum. Both days were fantastic and very interesting and fun. I rate Slava and her company 10/10; She is the best.

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Alan (New Zeland)


(New Zeland)

Kyiv Friendly tours organised 2 trips for us. Slava, our guide and owner of Kyiv Friendly tours was wonderful to deal with. My emails were answered quickly and she was very flexible with last minute changes. She is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. The first tour was a trip to Mezhyhiya, Yanukovych’s vast estate. The tour was fantastic. We spent over an hour inside the mansion. Slava knew when to give us information and when to step back and let us experience on our own. We also toured the grounds via a golf cart that had been arranged for us. Slava was very flexible and quickly agreed to drop our group off in city after the trip was finished. We were all impressed with this trip. The next day, Slava took 2 of our group on a tour of the Lavra. Our guests were once again charmed and impressed with Slava and her knowledge. I would highly recommend Kyiv Friendly tours and Slava to anyone who is visiting Kyiv.

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Sydney (USA)



I occasionally spend time in Kiev for work and always seek help and entertainment advice from Kiev friendly tour guides. My last adventure was a trip to Yanukovych’s Private Mansion outside the city and I can’t imagine doing it without hiring a friendly and informative local guide. I have greatly enjoyed all the tours I have been on and appreciate the ability to customize the experience to fit my desires. The owner Slava is a delightful person to spend the afternoon with and I hope her business continues to thrive and grow. Kiev has a bright future with young, smart, entrepreneurs like her living there. I look forward to my next trip to Kiev. I know that with Slava’s help I will find something interesting to do, somewhere delicious to eat, and spend a wonderful afternoon with a friendly local guide. I will definitely use Kiev Friendly tours again!

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Mark (Atlanta, USA)


(Atlanta, USA)